A new way of living, Suisun City-style

Have you ever felt like you were in the movie “Groundhog Day,” driving through cookie-cutter neighborhoods and long freeway journeys on your way to work?

In metropolitan areas, new, hip concepts are popping up that allow people to dine, live, workout and operate their own business – all within walking distance of each other. This new way of living is called Gray Hawk at Suisun Marsh.

Suisun City is a ‘secret’ getaway tucked among the hills, marshes and walking trails off Highway 12 between Fairfield and Rio Vista. Some may have visited the harbor, locally run restaurants or enjoyed the outdoors on Grizzly Island, but most likely its residents use Suisun City to “crash” in their homes late at night after a tedious commute to the Bay Area, East Bay, Walnut Creek and Concord.

Avoiding a long commute is just one reason buyers are on the hunt; and then there are those people who crave the “new” smell.

Since the downfall of the real estate market, new homes have been a ghostly thing of the past. Now that the market has gained speed and is healthier, we are seeing new homes pop up again. There have only been 36 new homes built in Suisun City since 2008 and only 10 new homes since 2014.

An existing, exclusive home subdivision called Gray Hawk at Suisun Marsh is filling in the remaining seven out of the 19 residential homes, four mixed-use and a high-end four-unit apartment complex in 2016. The residential homes take the guessing and “nickel and diming” feeling out, as high-end finishes have been chosen for the new buyer such as hardwoods throughout the first floor, granite countertops through the entire home, stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and a priceless view.

The mixed use of home and commercial provides the comforts of running your business and living without a commute. A 533-square-foot retail area, an upstairs carriage apartment of 732 square feet and a 2,184-square-foot home all equals no commute time.

What sets this community subdivision apart from any other is the serene view of Grizzly Island that is visible through the kitchen, great room, master bedroom and bathroom windows.

What is Grizzly Island? Encompassing 116,000 acres, the Suisun Marsh includes 52,000 acres of managed wetlands, 27,700 acres of upland grasses, 6,300 acres of tidal wetlands and 30,000 acres of bays and sloughs. It is home to public waterfowl hunting areas and 158 private duck clubs.

The marsh provides essential habitat for more than 221 bird species, 45 mammal species, 16 different reptilian and amphibian species and more than 40 fish species. Some of these animals, in addition to plants, are considered by the state of California and the United States as rare or endangered. That is better than any show on HBO.

Your kitchen, great room, master bedroom and bathroom turn into a panoramic 24-hour show.

It is exciting to see developers and construction blossoming in our communities once again. It is now possible to enjoy the seclusion, away from the big cities and tucked back within supportive local communities through projects like Gray Hawk at Suisun Marsh. It is now possible to enjoy the perks of big-city life while still soaking in the outdoors, and perhaps even enjoying a quick kayak ride at lunch.

Published in Daily Republic on April 5, 2016


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